Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold is proven to be a health hazard, so if you have discovered mold in your home time is of the essence. Any delay to act could put your health in danger, so don’t wait. SafeNOW Remediation specializes in comprehensive mold removal and remediation, so call us today at 480-933-4800

Aside from the health hazard to you and your family, mold can cause permanent structural damage to your property. With SafeNow Remediation our experienced technicians use proven techniques to completely remove any mold hazard in the home.

How do we remove and remediate?

  1. Assess damage and identify affected areas - Our trained technicians use special tools to find and identify all effected materials.
  2. Isolate the contaminated area - We ensure all doorways, windows and openings are covered with sheet plastic and tapped off. Using negative pressure machines and air scrubbers to clean the air, we prevent any cross contamination.
  3. Remove all hazardous material - All wet, moldy or damaged material is removed from the home and discard them safely according to environmental procedures.
  4. Clean all surfaces - All surfaces are wiped down, and cleaned to the fullest extent while HEPA vacuum filters clean the air of all lingering mold or spores.
  5. Dry and dehumidify - The affected area is dried with dehumidifiers and fans before any testing is conducted.
  6. Third Party Testing - We use independent third parties for all testing needs to ensure the mold is successfully remediated.

Mold and Air Sample Testing

Mold has proven negative health consequences and is a hidden danger. With SafeNow remediation we save your family from unwanted health problems with our comprehensive and detailed testing.

Mold testing by a pro – Mold testing is an important part of the mold remediation and restoration process. Testing provides us with valuable information about the type and concentration of the mold present in the home. Unfortunately, mold spores are invisible to the naked eye, so testing is necessary to accurately determine what the true dangers may be.

There are three different types of testing:

  1. Air Sampling - We take air from both inside the home and outside the home to compare the differences in mold spore count. If an elevated level of spores is present in the home, it can provide evidence to the existence of mold.
  2. Surface Sampling - If the mold is visible then we can simply swab, tape or dust for samples available on surfaces. This can further help identify the type and concentration of mold.
  3. Wall sampling - Air samples from behind the wall are gathered, by placing a small hole and inserting a thin tube. This indicates if mold is present behind the walls.

If you have any emergency need, simply call our 24 hour emergency line

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